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Traffic Ticket Lawyer.  We’ll give you clear answers about your options. Your chances of a traffic ticket dismissal or a deferral arrangement, our fees, the time the process takes, as well as the fines and costs you might ultimately have to pay.  If you just got a traffic ticket in El Paso, and your initial court date is still at least three days away, I will  take care of it for you in El Paso. If you have more than one El Paso traffic ticket, we offer even deeper discounts. Also representation for Justice of the Peace tickets are an additional. Call 915-503-1600 and we’ll give you an estimate over the phone.
For a precise quote, and if you want a lawyer for traffic tickets in El Paso give us a call. If you have a warrant, we’ll post a surety bond to lift it, set you on the attorney docket, represent you in court and seek a dismissal or negotiate a favorable plea arrangement to keep the citation off your record!  Texas municipal courts and justice of the peace courts hear class C misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations, for which the maximum fine, upon conviction, does not exceed $500, and for which no jail sentence may be assessed. They also hear cases involving violations of city ordinances, which may have fines up to $2000 for certain offenses.  So, if you’ve been cited to appear in court and you want an attorney to defend you against one or more traffic charges, municipal ordinance violations, or class A, B or C misdemeanors contact us today!

Have you recently been cited for a traffic violation or other Class C misdemeanor in  El Paso Texas? These can be easily taken care of in many cases, but when ignored they can result in big headaches for drivers.
Don’t Plead Guilty; I Can Help You Reduce Or Eliminate Traffic Ticket Fines
Traffic Ticket Attorney El Paso Robert Navar is helping clients facing Class C misdemeanors and their traffic-related criminal defense needs. Pleading guilty by simply paying a fine usually results in increased insurance costs and a permanent mark on your driving record.
When you choose my experienced legal expertise to handle your citation, I will do the heavy lifting necessary to get your fines reduced or thrown out altogether. Our clients have to make an initial appearance with our attorneys, but after that we can take care of court appearances.
I have handled hundreds of traffic speeding ticket cases in the El Paso area, and know how to look for the kinds of defects that can get a ticket thrown out. I represent drivers with moving violations and insurance and license tickets, and can process bonds for people with warrants. I also represent commercial drivers license.



Robert Navar Traffic Ticket lawyer El Paso, TX Defends:

El Paso Speeding Ticket Citations
El Paso Warrant Dismissals (Recalled Warrants)
Accident Tickets
Using a Cell Phone while driving
Red Light Ticket Citations (Non camera)
Financial Responsibility / No Insurance Tickets
Stop Sign Tickets
Speeding in School Zone Tickets
Code A Restrictions/Driving Without Corrective Lenses
All Moving Violations
Trucking Violations
All Class C Misdemeanors
Failure to Appear in Warrant Status
Lawyer for CDL License Traffic Ticket

In Texas, traffic tickets can result in real consequences.  Not only can traffic tickets be time consuming to resolve. But they can result in sizable fines or increased insurance premiums and points on your permanent driving record.  Additionally, multiple violations could result in the loss of your driver’s license.  If you are a commercial driver (CDL) accumulating points on your driving record could mean the loss of your job.  Therefore, it is extremely important to hire experienced traffic ticket attorney El Paso to protect your rights and livelihood.  Each traffic case is different.  I will attempt to get the best results. Based on the factual and legal circumstances of your case.

I defend Traffic Tickets  in El Paso County Texas
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